Adoptable Dogs

The dogs on this page are ready for adoption. They have been checked by a vet, neutered or spayed and are heart-worm negative. All you need to add is love.

If you see a pup that melts your heart and would like more information please call our office at 361.729.8186

You can find more adoption information by clicking HERE. There's  also a downloadable adoption form. 

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Adoption Form


Can you say "big, fluffy, squishy puppy"? That's what this girl is! Puppy breath, puppy belly & puppy snuggles!!


This girl is just about the sweetest little bit of brown sugar around. With her caramel coat and chocolate eyes, the sweetness just oozes out of her. Begging for belly rubs & chin scritches is her favorite past time, right up there with adoring her human. She's going to make a fabulous family dog!


Colleen was found as a 20 lb underweight, worm infested young pup. Her rescuer saw the loving potential in the heart of this cuddlebug and brought her to us. A few weeks in foster care & we have the most beautiful dog on the planet - just check out what her foster mom has to say: "Colleen is a puppy full of energy and loves to be around other people. She requires some training but does very well at meals and during potty breaks. She would do well in a home with other dogs and lots of room to run around and play. She has a lot of love to give and is guaranteed to fill her new owners life with lots of kisses and cuddles."


This amazingly goofy boy is looking for a big family to take advantage of his big heart. A clown at heart, Frazier would love to entertain you with his intelligence as well as his handsome good looks. He's been taking some obedience lessons, learns real fast and has just about mastered the "heel" and "sit". It would be wonderful if his new family could teach him more good stuff to keep that adorable brain of his busy.


I am puppy that needs the attention of everyone I see. I do have some manners but need a family that will teach me right from wrong. I love playing with other dogs and kids, but because I'm so excited to do so, bigger & older would be better.


​He's a handsome, very smart little min pin mix with lots of attitude. He needs calm people in his life as he is wary of strangers, although we are seeing signs that he's improving on that level. It doesn't take long to earn his affections with a little patience and training treats, you just have to let him come to you. He knows several commands (sit, stay, wait, come). Once in a home, he blossoms and is a very affectionate fellow and very loyal. He is great on car rides and loves to go for walks. This boy would be best in a dog savvy home without children.


Look at those legs! This girl should have gone into modeling. She not only has the body, but the temperment as well. Lexi can be a loving and affectionate girl, but she does have some insecurity issues and would prefer her home to be quiet and without children.


Shy, sweet Lucky hasn't had a very lucky life up till now. He somehow lost most of his tail, leaving him with the cutest 6" of waggin' imaginable. He got dumped on a back street of town and although his rescuer really wanted him, the landlord said "Nope!". So here he is in the shelter, a gorgeous red-head looking for a quiet lifestyle filled with a yard to play in, maybe a nice soft bed to sleep in and a couple of arms to lay his head on.


Puppy Breath, Puppy Belly, Puppy Antics! Named after the Friends character Rachel Green, this girl can charm the whole room with just a toss of her head!


Won't you please play with me? I ask so nicely, politely and using my best manners. I'm playing with all the other pups at the shelter, but would really like a human of my own to hang out with, to pretend to "grrrrr" & shake the stuffed toy, to chase and run with. And my human would definitely need to have a comfy lap and warm neck for me to snuggle into. I'm a petite little girl, just the right size to hold & hug.



Sammy is just a smooch away from being your perfect companion. He was about a year old in 2006 when he came to live with us. Although, he's a big boy, his energy keeps his weight down to about 50 lbs. He's a fence patroler, a great watch dog, and a fabulous cuddler.




​Scout is looking for a quiet home, maybe with a single human, perhaps a couple with a calm lifestyle. He gets along well with dogs and cats. He'd probably do best with an experienced owner, one who could teach him that the world is not as scary as he thinks and that he's allowed to just chill.


This energetic guy would love to be the Ray-Of-Sunshine in your family's life. He loves the romping and rolling with other dogs and the hiking and camping with humans.


Good with kids House trained likes other dogsSweet & gentle dog that will melt choc all over you


Poor little Sparky has had to make a lot of adjustments lately. Mom could no longer care for her, she was surrendered to Animal Control and then saved by HSAC. After a few days of shivering in fear, her true colors have come out. This pup is the sweetest, cuddliest, lap-sittingest dog around. Do you have it in your heart to give this senior citizen a comfy sofa and an ear scritch or 2?

Tina Turner

Shy baby but very loveable.


What? You want me to make you smile? Well, please, just show me what you want! This high energy girl will do must anything for a treat or a praise, she already knows a couple of the basics and can't wait to learn more. Trinity gets along with most other dogs, so having a 4 legged playmate to show her the ropes is a definite yes!


This handsome fella is just a big lap full of soft,


Bertha is a bundle of hugs waiting for your arms, when she see's someone coming out to walk her, she squeaks - it's really cute! She was about a year old when she came to us in 2008. This 60 lb sweetie is very attached to Billy, it would be wonderful if the two could be adopted together.


Billy, such a love bug. All he wants is a lap to hang out on. He's a bit of a special needs pup, but his seizures have been kept under control with medication. No reason he can't be the love of your life. He came to us 2006. Billy is good with other dogs - especially his bonded pen mate Bertha (it would be great to see the two together forever), he has no interest in kitties and would probably be good with kids over 8 years old.