Adoptable Cats

The cats & kittens on this page are ready for adoption. They have been checked by a vet and neutered or spayed. All you need to add is love.

If you see a kitty that melts your heart and would like more information please call our office at 361.729.8186

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Adoption Form

Kittens = less than 1 year

Young = less than 2 years

Adult = less than 7 Years

Senior = 7 Years and Older

Fee is Waived on Seniors



​Angelina has most unusual coloring, long-hair brown fur with black undertones. She's a petite girl, a year old and unlikely to get much bigger. Playful and quiet, she's a silent angel, looking for a heavonly home and family to call her own.



​Basco's full name is Tabasco after the hot sauce that matches his handsome orange tabby markings. But unlike the spicy flavoring, Tabasco has a calm serene nature and likes nothing better than being in your lap with you scratching his ears. Come meet Tabasco and take home some loving orange color to spice up your home.


Briar Rose

Meet little Briar Rose, a female orange tabby kitten who's as charming as a fairy tale princess she's named after! Briar Rose is the alias for Princess Aurora in the tale "Sleeping Beauty"? Like the sleepy princess, our Briar Rose waits for her suitor to come rescue her and give her a life of love and contentment. Her favorite thing is to play with a feather wand. She will grab it and run from the other cats to keep it for herself. She twirls and leaps like a real prima ballerina! Come see little Briar Rose and her amazing poise and agility. She would love to be your sweet and sassy princess!



BW (cuz he's black & white of course) has such a colorful personality - one filled with head butts, chin rubs and hopes for a home and family. Maybe one with a couple of laps that need filling and a bunch of hands that need to pet a real sweet boy!



Captain used up 1 of 2 of his 9 lives just before he came to us. He was attacked and had severe bite wounds to his shoulder and leg. A good Samaritan rescued him and took him to an emergency vet hospital, where he was stitched up, and treated. Once he recovered, he came to us to look for a new home. Despite his experience, he is a sweet boy, sure to give you lots of love it you take him home.



Cicily is a young, female gray Tabby who gets along with most other cats. She is a very sweet and friendly cat, ready to find her forever home today!



This petite stunner, with her golden eyes, is a simple girl with simple tastes. A chin scritch, a feather wand and a treat or 2 rocks her world! Do you have the necessary items to make this sweet kitty make you the center of her Universe?



Damon is a handsome, refined, black and white male dressed out in a fancy tuxedo suit with white feet, small white bib and dashing white moustache. He was born in spring 2016 so is just growing out of his teen-age years and would love to grow up with you and your family.


The gorgeous blue eyes will look at you with love, the brilliant white fur will beg for stroking, the singing from her throat will lull you to sleep. However, this beautiful package can't hear you telling her how much you love her. Not an unusual occurrence in white cats and Elsa will not let her deafness stop her from being the best friend you'll ever have!


Ginger Spice

Ginger Spice is a cute little orange tabby girl with lots of personality, just like her spicy name. This redhead has a purr so deep and warm that she sounds like she's growling. Ginger is looking for a lap to settle down on and a home for life.





Jasmine is a shy little tortoise shell girl, but a playful one, 4-5 months old. She may be great as a playmate with another cat. Her timidness wants to work itself out of her mind and may do so in time. Find her trust with feed her with the food near you...on the floor or on the sofa. Then put her in your lap and give her a cuddle.



Miss Keenzer lost her home when her family moved out of town. She misses her family and would like a home without competition for her affection. A lap kitty at heart, she'd love to be the queen of your court.



Kocha is 4-5 months old and a bit timid, but with care & love will overcome it. Approach her on the same level where she can see you, not from above. When she is resting beside you is the best time to reach out to pick her her.for a lap rub.


Little Dude

When his owner passed away, Little Dude needed to come to the shelter to search for his next home. Although he grew out of his name many moons ago, he still thinks that he's a "little" dude, winding around legs, begging for chin scritches and generally begging for attention. A real sweet guy who's ideal home will include many loving hands and easy access to the food bowl.


Madeline (Maddy)

ELIGIBLE FOR SENIOR NO FEE ADOPTION Shy little Maddy is a pretty little gray tabby with gorgeous green eyes. She waits for a lap that she can occupy. It takes her a little while to get to know you, but then she loves a head scratch and lap session. Would prefer a quiet home with a more mature feline companion. This girl qualified for our Senior Program - her adoption fee will be waived!



Melba is a quiet young girl between 1 and 2 years old. She likes to curl up, look out the window and watch the world go by. But when the toys come out, she is ready to play! Of course, head rubs and chin rubs are always welcome.



No drama with this stunner - nope, this Melrose is all about being sweet & nice and well mannered. Her mom must have spent a lot of time teaching her all about social situations and proper behavior. This Melrose is going to purr her way right into a new newspaper column that will rival that of Miss Manners.


Mini Pearl

Mini Pearl is well-known in Rockport as the kitty posted as missing on Facebook. She was found at the Mini Oil Change, rescued, brought to the shelter and renamed Mini Pearl.. About a year old, Mini Pearl has a shiny lustrous coat just like her namesake gem. She has a white tip on her tail that she likes to hold, the sure sign of a happy cat. Come meet Pearl and take you own gem home with you.



​Opal is a playful fun kitten like her sister Sapphire. Both are shiny black gems just waiting to be taken home to love and play with. What's more fun than a kitten at play--how about 2? Consider taking both sister kittens home with you for a pair of real jewels.



Petunia is a sweet quiet tabby girl, just like her sweet flower name. She has the cutest little heart-shaped nose you've ever seen. She's about 1 1/2 years old and a real lap baby. Come take you own little bouquet of Petunia home.



Posh is a gorgeous diluted calico girl with green eyes and many colors in her coat. She's about 18 months old and was at a home that had too many cats so came to the shelter to find a new one. Don't get the wrong idea--Posh likes other cats but her owner just had too many. She lives with 8 other boys and girls in the shelter cattery and gets along with them very well, but she'd rather have a home with humans, and is very happy to trade purrs, kisses and rubs for a little human love.



Rocky is a handsome big guy and everybody's friend. He is all black with a sprinkling of silver hair tips scattered all over his fur. He is between 2 and 3 years old .and was found wandering the streets of Rockport. He is anxious to find his forever home with a permanent address. Come meet Rocky and he will "rock" your heart.



Sapphire is a playful kitten like her sister Opal. Both are shiny black gems just waiting to be taken home to love and play with. What's more fun than a kitten at play--how about 2? Consider taking both sister kittens home with you for a pair of real jewels.


Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear, a 2-year-old sweet male, was found as a kitten living next to a busy Houston road. His rescuer brought him to Rockport, but had to give him up since she is moving to a place that limits the number of pets. Teddy Bear has the most beautiful markings with dark black swirls in his gray spots. He loves to be petted. Come meet Teddy Bear and take home your own little bear to cuddle.



This girl is what some would call a "Melted" candy bar. Twix loves to just lay in a lap, get chin scritches and back rubs. She's got a bit of a Baker in her as the biscuits she makes are never ending, sweet and will melt your heart!



Valarie Valentine came into the shelter on Valentine's Day and is looking for the love of her live. She's a petite long-haired beauty with a mix of white with yellow, brown and gray patches in her hair. She was found wandering near Gulf Point Nursing Home. Her rescuers could not leave such a sweet girl out in the winter cold and brought her in. Come find you own little Valentine to love furrever..