Adoptable Cats

The cats & kittens on this page are ready for adoption or you can do a pending adoption. The adoptable cats  have been checked by a vet, neutered or spayed and current on shots. Some are available to reserve adoption pending spay/neuter.  All you need to add is love.

If you see a kitty that melts your heart and would like more information please call our office at 361.729.8186

You can find more adoption information by clicking HERE.

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Adoption Form

Kittens = less than 1 year

Young = less than 2 years

Adult = less than 7 Years

Senior = 7 Years and Older

Fee is Waived on Seniors



If You Always Wanted to Give a Home to a Very Special Needs Kitty, Betty is The One.

Beautiful Bettina. Our sweet girl also called Betty, from Animal Control now at Humane Society since Hurricane Harvey, waiting patiently for her family, but no one came. We know she had a loving home because she could not survive outside with her declawed front paws. Two veterinarians examined her and think her surgery was botched because her front paws are hyperextended when walking. She walks slowly with a limp on the back of her paws, cannot jump on furniture and stays on the floor. She will not be walking on your kitchen counters or table, but she loves to be beside you, crawl into your lap, be petted and brushed. She is a happy, good natured gal 6+ yrs. old, a favorite with volunteers and welcomes them with a soft meow. She doesn’t need any special medical treatment that we know of, just someone understanding her condition and willing to give a sweet girl a small space in their home and be her friend. Come by the Humane Society for a warm welcome from Betty and take her home to be your very own.



Cicily is a young, female gray Tabby who gets along with most other cats. She is a very sweet and friendly cat, ready to find her forever home today!



Jasmine is a shy little tortoise shell girl, but a playful one, 4-5 months old. She may be great as a playmate with another cat. Her timidness wants to work itself out of her mind and may do so in time. Find her trust with food…ie: feed her with the food near you…on the floor or on the sofa. Then put her in your lap and give her a cuddle.



‚ÄčThis petite little girl, barely a kitten herself was found abandoned with her little ones still nursing. Now, THAT’s no way to raise a family! Her babies are now big enough to find their own families, June has been spayed so there will be no more of that kitten stuff for her and she is now looking for a human family to raise. Could it be yours?



Miss Keenzer lost her home when her family moved out of town. She misses her family and would like a home without competition for her affection. A lap kitty at heart, she’d love to be the queen of your court.



This owner surrender came to use because he “talks too much”. How dare one speak of a chatty cat in such a rude manner! Kiki just wants someone to share his day with, you know, the comings and goings of the birds in the yard, who’s bad mouthing who in the cattery and which volunteer has the best petting hands. Lonely, need a friend to share your day with – well, this guy is the one for you!



Melba is a quiet young girl between 1 and 2 years old. She likes to curl up, look out the window and watch the world go by. But when the toys come out, she is ready to play! Of course, head rubs and chin rubs are always welcome.



With all the charm & simplicity of the flower that she’s named for, Miss Shasta is simply a sweet, petite girl who would love to grace your coffee table with her beauty.